SP-ULTRA subscription

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SENSEPARAM annual subscription for the device with 140 uplinks a day (at SIGFOX network)

Detailed information

Product detailed description

SENSEPARAM annual subscription fee provides a year-long access to data from one device, including network connectivity.

SP-ULTRA is suitable for devices and configurations used primarily for periodic messages up to 6 per hour (max 140 a day). 

SP-ULTRA annual subscription is limited to processing* :

  • 140 uplink messages per day
  • 4 downlink per day

There are two supscription options:

  • SP-ULTRA Single-user option**
    • regular user (L1-rights) access to device data (overview, tables, charts, csv download, limited remote configuration, email alerts)
  • SP-ULTRA Multi-user option - on top of single-user option:
    • unlimited number of users accessing the same device data
    • manage multiple users accessing the same device (L2, L3 rights)
    • manage a hierarchical group structure with devices and users (L2, L3 rights)
    • use advanced configuration and manage user rights options (L2, L3 rights)
    • set and share notification rules with their users, set up email/SMS notifications (L2, L3 rights)
    • set callbacks to the database, manage operators, advanced configuration (administrator L3 rights)


*Excessive message volume (measured in aggregate on a weekly and monthly basis) will result in the subscription being changed to the appropriate higher level or suspension of the device's data processing unless the difference in subscription fees is paid. Any exceedance of the absolute limit of 140 uplink messages per day and 6 messages per hour is not allowed due to bandwidth usage regulation conditions, the device data reception must be suspended. However, in most cases the device is already equipped with software protection to limit the higher number of messages.

**Cannot be used for more than 10 devices or more than 3 device types per user. Otherwise, you have to use the Multiple-user option.

Additional parameters

Category: SENSEPARAM Portal annual device subscription
Uplink messages a day: 140
Downlink messages a day: 4
Subscription options: Single-user and Multi-user
Applicatble user rights: L1 (for Single-user), L1, L2, L3 (for Multi-user)
? Subscription period: 1 year