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Retrieves consumption data from Power Meter by optical reading head (IEC62056-21 compliant), 1-13 registers to be read out, uses SIGFOX IoT network.

SEAMLESS installation using built-in magnet - just hang on the meter and turn on. 10 YEARS without battery replacement (for one reading a day). 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

SENSECOM-OMD reads-out consumption data from the device like Power Meter or other metering device using optical reading head defined by IEC 62056-21 mode C. Date are sent data via a nationwide SIGFOX IoT network to the cloud. Please check SIGFOX network coverage at your location.

SEAMLESS installation using just magnet attachment - now screws, no wires, just hang on the meter and turn on.

It is designed to last 10 YEARS without battery replacement with one reading per day. If more readings/messaging is applied a day, the baterry capacity is drained accordingly. You can save the battery by setting the device for sending the changed registers (their content) only since the last read-out data sent. For frequent readouts (15min, 1h periods) use OMD-P models powered via USB.

SENSECOM-OMD is universal model option - you can set up to 13 OBIS registers to be periodically read-out from the meter (read-out period 15min-24h), configurable by downlink, the easy way is to use senseparam portal.

Device detects manipulation by shaking or turning the device using accelerometer and sending the alarm message.

SENSECOM-OMD can be paired to SENSECOM-WSH repeater in the area of unsuficient SIGFOX signal (e.g. metal cabinets, shafts, basements). Repeater is located then in an area of sufficient SIGFOX signal, no more than 20m from the SENSECOM-OMD device. The alternative can be also hat-type antenna for ISM band placed on the top of metal cabinet with 75 cm coax cable ended by SMA connector.

Typical applications:

Daily power consumption/supply monitoring or daily profile monitoring.

Monthly pre-payments adjustments, monthly/seasoning payments based on actual consumption.

Leased facility/space utility consumption billing.

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Additional parameters

Category: Remote Consumption Readers
Warranty: 2 years
Meter interface: Optical head
Installation: Magnet attachment (no installation)
Meter communication protocol: IEC62056-21, mode C
Max number of reading registers (OBIS codes): 13
Reading interval (sending data): 15min - 24h (default 24h)
IoT Network: SIGFOX
Repeater SENSECOM-WSH applicable: Yes
Power supply: Battery (Li-SOCl2)