SENSEPARAM Portal annual device subscription

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from €9,68 incl. VAT
from €8 / pcs

SENSEPARAM annual subscription for the device with 2 uplinks a day (at SIGFOX network)

Code: 111/SIN
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from €14,52 incl. VAT
from €12 / pcs

SENSEPARAM annual subscription for the device with 70 uplinks a day (at SIGFOX network)

Code: 117/SIN
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from €16,94 incl. VAT
from €14 / pcs

SENSEPARAM annual subscription for the device with 140 uplinks a day (at SIGFOX network)

Code: 120/SIN

Data originating from activated devices can be made available in processed, final form on SENSEPARAM.COM for an annual subscription fee per device, which includes the use of the SIGFOX network and the SENSEPARAM portal. Select the appropriate annual device subscription fee here based on the expected daily volume of messages from the device and the type of device access (single or extended multi-user).

Alternatively, you can also retrieve data directly from the SIGFOX cloud back-end and process the incoming raw data yourself. Ask your local SIGFOX provider for a commercial quote for annual fees for using devices on the SIGFOX network with access to data in the SIGFOX cloud. In this case, you do not need to use the SENSEPARAM services in this category. See real device examples on the SENSEPARAM portal (demo mode) and evaluate whether the SENSEPARAM or SIGFOX cloud is your preferred way to access data from your device.

In SENSEPARAM, you can:

  • manage devices (set up data display, remotely configure devices)
  • work with the data in the processed, final form
  • set up alarm or status Email or SMS notifications

SP single-user subscription fees applies to devices that are mainly used by individual regular users with these limitations:

  • Used for a maximum of 10 devices and a maximum of 3 device types by a single user.
  • Only regular user (L1) rights apply:
    • access data from the device (overview, tables, charts,...)
    • manage the appearance of the device data, identification (devices name, location, meter parameters,...)
    • configure remotely
    • download data (csv)
    • set up email alerts (notification) to device events

SP Multi-user subscription fees apply to devices without limitation to the number of devices, device types, number of groups in the hierarchy, type of user rights 

Users with Operator (L2) and Admin (L3) rights can do in addition to the Regular user (L1) rights:

    • manage users in hierarchical groups
    • assign devices to groups
    • remotely configure devices (extended parameters) and set rights for users who use some of them
    • set and share notification rules with their users, set up email/SMS notifications
    • set up callbacks to the customer database and extend/resctrict the rights of other managed users 

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