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SENSECOM-CMDO-232G reads up to 15 registers from Metering devices (eg. power meters or another devices) using MODBUS protocol over RS232 interface and sends data via a nationwide SIGFOX IoT network to the cloud. The device is powered from mains and has galvanic separation of input.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The SENSECOM-CMDO-232G device is designed for data readings via serial RS-232 interface. Data input is galvanically separated. The device is powered from mains.

Applied communication protocol is MODBUS.

The device sends readings from meter registers (or other source device registers) via a nationwide SIGFOX IoT network, directly or via repeater SENSECOM-WSH (for radio-hard-to-reach locations). Messages interval can be setup within the range 10min-24h (minimum 10min per register needs to be consider in setup of an interval)

Contains supercap (1F) which allows overcome short power outages with signalling power-of status if set.

All SENSECOM-CMD models are manufactured in a DIN casing, 3U width, IP20.

Easy installation on DIN rail by authorized technician (for low voltage 240/380V installations).

Read-out capacity up to 15 registers to be read from source device is configurable via downlink.

Typical applications:

Remote readings from registers of utility meters or other devices possessing serial interface, e.g. electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, calorimeters using standardized registers and protocols.

If vendor specific protocol or use is applied, additional firmware development is needed to support this, ask vendor if this is a case.



Additional parameters

Category: Registers read-out
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.5 kg
Power supply: Mains (240V)
Meter interface: RS232
Galvanic isolation: Yes
Meter communication protocol: MODBUS
Max number of reading registers: 15
Reading interval (sending data): 10min - 24h
Casing: DIN Rail, 3U width, IP20