SNM subscription

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SENSEPARAM selected period multi-user subscription including NB-IoT network subscription.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

SENSEPARAM selected period subscription fee provides multi-user access to data from one device, including NB-IoT network connectivity.

  • SNM Multi-user - on top of single-user option:
    • unlimited number of users accessing the same device data
    • manage multiple users accessing the same device (L2, L3 rights)
    • manage a hierarchical group structure with devices and users (L2, L3 rights)
    • use advanced configuration and manage user rights options (L2, L3 rights)
    • set and share notification rules with their users, set up email/SMS notifications (L2, L3 rights)
    • set callbacks to the database, manage operators, advanced configuration (administrator L3 rights)
    • switch NB-IoT communication directly to your server IP


Additional parameters

Category: SENSEPARAM Portal annual device subscription
Subscription options: Multi-user
Applicable user rights: L1, L2, L3
IoT network subscription: NB-IoT included