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Counts impulses from Power Meter (galvanic separation built-in) and/or other metering device (Water, Gas, etc.), uses SIGFOX IoT network, peaks and leaks detection, powered ~240V, standard measurement periods timer (+/- 10min a day). This IMDB model has ~24h power backupEasy installation by authorized technician. 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

SENSECOM-IMDB counts consumption impulses from Power Meter (using S0 primary input) and/or other metering device like Water meter or Gas meter (using voltage-free secondary input) and sends data via a nationwide SIGFOX IoT network to the cloud.

Easy installation on DIN rail by authorized technician (low voltage 240/380V installations).

In case of connection to billing meters distribution company technician performs then S0 connection and meter re-sealing on request. Device includes galvanic separation circuit towards meters, no further separation unit is necessary if the device is accepted by particular distribution company.

Power backup by supercap allows to overcome power outages ~24h. For short backup (2h) choose IMD model.

Device includes a number of Advanced features and functions for specific applications:

  • leakage detection
  • tariff differentiation, monitoring of changes
  • short-term peaks monitoring
  • manipulation detection (accelerometer, tamper, electronic seal - IMDBS model)
  • volume-based messaging

Typical applications:

Monitoring of power consumption or combined with water or gas consumption. Detection of media leakage.

Monitoring of machinery operations - Operations time and maintenance planning, Detection of machinery overusage (usage peaks),

Daily power consumption/supply monitoring, daily profile monitoring, volume-based monitoring or tracking.

Monthly pre-payments adjustments, monthly/seasoning payments based on actual consumption.

Leased facility/space utility consumption charging.

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Additional parameters

Category: Impulse reading
Power supply: Mains (240V)
Primary impulse input: S0
Secondary impuls input: CNT (voltage free / dry contact)
Tarrifs diferentation: Yes (2 tarrifs)
Leakage detection: Yes
Peaks monitoring: Yes
Power backup: 24h (using supercap)
Timer precision: +/- 10min a day